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About Ke’ala deBali Villa

After more than ten years as a private family villa, it is time to share with exclusive guests who have the same needs and interests in nature, animals and culture.

In the last five years, word of the natural beauty and waterfalls of this small mountain village has spread and Munduk is fast becoming a favorite tourist destination. Great, but our efforts at preserving Munduk natural beauty are becoming more difficult as needs increase due to the attraction of developers to this and surrounding areas as well.
We, a small group of native Munduk residents, responsible hotel owners and Munduk nature lovers have started our preservation program (hopefully soon to become a foundation) specifically to preserve the seven Munduk waterfalls and surrounding rain forests/farm lands.

We work together with the owners to help keep their lands in the family by continuing to bring in needed income, while still preserving the natural beauty. We support the Munduk young men and women nature preservation group and are involved with educating the school children and villagers in the importance of a clean and natural village for the generations to come.

We are currently consulting and working with local government to develop and implement a Munduk Village cultural development plan to include zoning and watershed/fall protection.

The proceeds from the villa rental will be used as a fund resource for our nature preservation programs and to continue our animal rescue work in the village. We thank you very much for your support.